Başkent AlüminyumBaşkent Alüminyum
Başkent AlüminyumBaşkent Alüminyum


Who are we?

Since 1978, we have been producing with the most up-to-date technology.

Başkent Alüminyum has been in construction and trade business since 1978. The production site and company center are both located in Ankara, central Turkey. Başkent Alüminyum is the leading company of its sector with its 300.000 m²/year production volume, automised machinery, professional staff and 40 years of experience.

Company factory, located in Hasanoğlan OSB Ankara, having 12.000 m² work area, serves for latest technology industrial goods. Capped, semi structural and structural silicone glazing systems, spider glazing systems, insulated and non-insulated aluminum systems, aluminum wooden composite systems, skylights, aluminum sheet, cotta and composite panel sidings, sun barriers, automatic revolving and sliding doors are manufactured and assembled preserving its customer demands, optimising both material and time at the  greatest level.